Project Description

Tálska Bašta, Tále

Completion Date: 2006
Size: 653 m2

Situated in the wood of a mountain resort in central Slovakia, this restaurant belongs to a 4 star hotel Partizán nearby. The original one was accidentally burn down by a fire and this new forest restaurant was completed in January 2006. New design aims to use simple layout and natural materials to create a nearly archaic atmosphere. Vastly using wood, stone, copper, and artistic glass in both exterior and interior design, integrate the building with its surroundings.

The central main space is supported by four massive wooden columns. Its high side windows allow natural light flooding down this central inner court. The fundamental element here is an unique designed fireplace which serves grilled meal on its open stove. The fireplace together with its special designed copper chimney breast and two giant stony chimney flue which further accent the high ceiling and pass out through the roof, form the centerpiece of this space. Almost every first time visitor gapes by its striking sculptural appeal.